Friday, July 21, 2006


PC Upgrading

I made a huge errors in my quarterfinal predictions for the Football world cup, with Italy winning it in the end. Brazil made complete fools of them & Argentina somehow got beaten. From the 4 semi finalists I think the best team won. Anyway I never liked France. It’s now back to club football & cricket. With South Africa in Sri Lanka for a test series & a triangular ODI series which includes India, we are in for a couple busy months. Hope we can repeat the performance in England against them too.

Since we (me & my roommates) finished call of duty 2 sometime back we bought a couple of new games. Namely Oblivion & Devil May Cry III. To make a long story short, my pc crawls when I try to play Oblivion on it. I want to upgrade it but somewhat clueless about what the best option is. PC configuration is as follows

Processor 2.4GHz-Pentium


VGA 256 GeForce 5500

Motherboard Asus

Any suggestions about what should I upgrade since I cant afford to go for a new PC ??

You need to start with the motherboard, which model ASUS motherboard do you have? The memory and video upgrade will depend on what model motherboard you have also. I personally prefer AMD Athlon 64 processors, but that would require a new motherboard. If you could tell me what the model of your motherboard is I would try to give you some advice.
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