Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Find Me Guilty.... I'm not a Gangster..I'm a Gagster

No posts for sometime. The excuse ? can’t think of a one. May be I was busy or lazy or whatever..

Finished reading thief of time by Terry Prachett, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown and currently reading Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. And watched so many movies including Superman Returns, Inside Man, RV, Fanaa, Water & Final Destination 3. Currently playing Oblivion, Star Wars – Sith Lords & Battling with black list number 8 in Need for Speed – Most Wanted.

May be I will post something on them or may be not. But What “Find Me Guilty” starring Vin Diesel was a nice surprise. Although I have seen Diesel doing comedy in “The Pacifier” this has more to it than comedy. This film was based on a real life mobster Geocomo “ Jackie” Dinorscio from New Jersey. How he almost single handedly won a huge criminal trial, where he & his fellow acquaintances were facing severe punishments. Jackie successfully convinced the jury that they are not the monsters portrayed by the government by making jokes & making shrewd observations while representing himself as the lawyer. Many hilarious incidents follows, where he seriously piss off the government representatives, the judge & his own mob boss. But the jury laughs with him & in the end sympathies with him. Which results in a not guilty verdict for all the defendants in the longest criminal trial in America’s history.

The important part is Jackie does all this while serving a 30 year sentence for drug trafficking. He gets offered a deal to turn government witness where he his prison sentence is greatly reduced. But “ Jackie D never rats on his friends”. After the monumental victory he returns to the prison while his friends return home to celebrate. The real Jackie D was releases after serving 18 years of his sentence & died while the movie was in progress.

While the film is quite different from the standard Hollywood ones, it keeps the viewer interested by showing the emotions they go through while on the trial. The conversation between Jackie & his wife shows a glimpse of his personal life, where he was a very contradictory & complicated man. While he is not superb by any means Diesel does a creditable job of portraying the mobster. It is quite a deflection from his XXX or Riddick movies.

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