Friday, July 21, 2006


PC Upgrading

I made a huge errors in my quarterfinal predictions for the Football world cup, with Italy winning it in the end. Brazil made complete fools of them & Argentina somehow got beaten. From the 4 semi finalists I think the best team won. Anyway I never liked France. It’s now back to club football & cricket. With South Africa in Sri Lanka for a test series & a triangular ODI series which includes India, we are in for a couple busy months. Hope we can repeat the performance in England against them too.

Since we (me & my roommates) finished call of duty 2 sometime back we bought a couple of new games. Namely Oblivion & Devil May Cry III. To make a long story short, my pc crawls when I try to play Oblivion on it. I want to upgrade it but somewhat clueless about what the best option is. PC configuration is as follows

Processor 2.4GHz-Pentium


VGA 256 GeForce 5500

Motherboard Asus

Any suggestions about what should I upgrade since I cant afford to go for a new PC ??

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