Sunday, September 02, 2007


Dark Tower - Not so Grand Finale

Finished reading Dark Tower, ending was quite unexpected & I didn’t like it much. Roland deserved a better fate although I can understand why Stephen King was forced to an ending like that. Any other ending would have led to many questions since The Dark Tower was supposed to be the axis of all parallel universes. If Roland was not shunted back to the beginning of the story after his completion of the quest King would have to find some explanation to what would happen to Roland after that. Be omnipotent? Anyway the ending took care of that conveniently. But that doesn’t make it anymore acceptable. Although I enjoyed the series immensely, after finishing it didn’t get the usual satisfied feeling. More like an unfinished tale, just like Roland’s life.

Anyway back to reading ‘The Neutronium Alchemist’ of Peter F Hamilton, which I have paused after I got the Dark Tower series. Which is the second book of The ‘Nights Dawn’ Series, preceded by ‘The Reality Disfunction’ . Currently searching for the 3rd & last book of the series ‘The Naked God’. Looks like I will have to wait for sometime until it surfaces here in Sri Lanka. Which is frustrating because it kills the whole fun of reading.

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