Friday, May 05, 2006


Cantury Rain - Alastair Reynolds

Bought Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds & The Traveler by John ‘Twelve’ Hawks. Finished both of them, but liked Century Rain better. May be because The Traveler was mentioned as the next “Da Vinci Code” & it is nothing of the sort. More about it later.

Century Rain is basically a Science fiction with romance & thriller mixed in. The main character Wendell Floyd is an American a musician acting as a private detective to make ends meet who lives in Paris. Much to his surprise Wendell & his partner is hired by a man to investigate a murder of Susan White who felled from the apartment she was living which belongs to him. Paris police thinks it is an accident while the landlord thinks otherwise. And in quite a different Paris, where it is covered from snow & made inhabitable by nano wars Verity Auger is searching for a old newspaper. This Paris is in the future, while Wendell’s Paris in not exactly in the past. It is not in a parallel universe either.

Story keeps changing back and forth until these two meet in Wendell’s Paris where Verity is forced to come to collect belongings of Susan White. After that it becomes a race against time to collect information about Susan’s death, who was an agent from Verity’s world & survive against the killing machines masquerading as kids.

While the end leaves the reader somewhat unsatisfied it is a good book, with Hard SF mixed with romance & thriller aspects. Reynolds explains hard physics stuff with relative easiness & clarity. I bought another one of his “Redemption Ark” after reading this. But since I have been busy changing my boarding place & other stuff, still I’m unable to start reading it. May be this weekend I will get the chance. But with “Call of Duty 2”, “Tomb Raider – Legend” & “Half Life 2” also demanding my attention I don’t think I will be able to finish it.


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