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Redemption of Althalus by David & Leigh Eddings

Althalus is a thief whose uncanny good luck has suddenly left him. He is ready for any job & quite an easy one comes along his way. Or he thinks it is an easy one. Althalus has to steal a book from the house at the end of the world. But the problem is some far more powerful people are also interested in the same book. Actually two of them are Gods! And they are brother & sister. But while brother want it to change the world to his likening (and his likes are decidedly unpleasant), Dweia (sister) want to protect the book (which is written by their elder brother) & the world from her sibling.

Althalus is captured in the house by Dweia & she trains him for the mission, Namely the epic struggle between the three gods--of creation, fecundity, and destruction. Although trained by a God Althalus remains a thief. He cheats, lie & steal to accomplish his noble mission. But at first he has to assemble a crew with widely differing abilities under the guidance of Dweia.

Husband & wife team of David & Leigh Eddings create a fascinating world, where Gods take an active part in the proceeding in the mortal world. Where they use humans for their purposes without any moral restrains. Although the novel spans thousand of years and sometimes the plot is bit hurried & feels lightweight it is quite a witty & interesting read. Redemption of Althalus was the first novel I read from Eddings couple, which I borrowed from British Council. And since I like their style of writing so much I bought “ Polgara the Sorceress” last week along with Terry Pratchett’s “Feet of Clay”. Still haven’t finished reading it yet (In fact just startrd to read it). So after I finished it I’ll say what I think about it.

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